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Managing Partner

Justin Gonzales

Justin Gonzales, a problem solver by nature, finds all the enjoyment in the world by looking at a thing and seeing how to make it 1% better everyday. Justin is a jack of all trades whose background in entrepreneurship has realized experiences across many industries such as real estate investing, finance, commercial aviation, marketing, and manufacturing. Above all else, Justin's interest's lie within his teams, providing the resources to allow growth and consistent performance which directly correlates to incredible customer satisfaction.  

Recon Expert and Partner

Steve Edel

Steve Edel became an entrepreneur in his mid 20s after working for companies of all sizes in the information technology field. Steve's first business was a successful IT business. Soon to follow was an INC 500 awarded website marketing company that Steve began with one employee. It is also this marketing expertise that makes it frankly ‘easier’ to find the right information online. Steve's most recent success was starting another business in 2013 that was again INC 500 awarded, ranking #142. This business involved owning manufactured housing communities, and from that venture, the biggest industry shortcoming became very apparent – the need for Due Diligence! Steve still owns this business but has moved on to focusing on what he is passionate about and has FUN doing – Due Diligence Partners Away!

Master Recon Expert, Director Level

Spencer Dryer

Spencer Dryer is a curious thinker who’s core skills and experience are in financial analysis and modeling. Before working with DDP, Spencer was a financial analyst at a highly regarded publicly traded company with a $50B market cap, where he managed five corporate function business units. Outside of work, he enjoys being outside in the garden tending to his world record pepper plants or enjoying time with his family and dog. Spencer revels in the details, and is a master Recon analyst who sees a park from the highs of aerial drone surveys to the lows of below ground sanitation infrastructure.


Data Research Analyst

Daniel Sheffield

Daniel Sheffield is an innovative and detail-oriented mind with over 14 years of experience in project management, logistics, and data analysis. Daniel recently graduated Cum Laude with a degree in business from The University of Montevallo where he earned the top undergraduate researcher award for his senior research project in political science. When he’s not working, you can find Daniel at one of the comedy clubs around town. He is passionate about all thing’s comedy! From watching it to performing it, he loves it all. Daniel recently joined the DDP team and is excited to bring his knowledge and passion for data analysis to help deliver the best results for our clients.


Efficiency Expert, Dignitary and Partner

Tim Levy

Tim Levy is an author, speaker and advisor on many CEO boards for digital strategy and marketing. This marketing experience also helps clients maximize their occupancy potential. He has spoken around the world for organizations like Vistage, Conscious Capitalism and Secret Knock. He has over two decades experience in digital strategy, content marketing and the online world as well as eleven books, his own nationally broadcasted television show and even a new virtual reality app. As a partner of Due Diligence Partners and long-time real estate investor, Tim oversees the media, communications and advises on business development for both client and company success.

Christen Team Pic

Detail Expert (molecule level) and Partner

Christen Edel

Christen began her successful marketing career working for high tech start ups and left working for a Fortune 500 company to focus exclusively on real estate investing. Now with over 8 years of experience investing in mobile home parks and single family residential, Christen handles deal analysis, operations, and quality control for the Due Diligence Team. Christen’s first due diligence experience was performing due diligence on her own park, the first one she purchased in 2012. Her biggest ‘lesson learned’ experience from the process was to not grant easement rights to another owner unless the arrangement helps the investment. Christen graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in Marketing. Christen further continues to develop Field operations by applying her strong backgrounds in business development and marketing.

Field Inspector (Energizer Bunny Level), Relationship Navigator and People Soother

Mark Jay

Thinking man's pose... Hmmmm, where do we start? For starters, Mark has an extensive background in logistics, people management, Radioactive Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste management, freight, brokering and warehouse management, ie large scale warehouse operations for UPS. Always thirsty to improve personally and professionally, Mark additionally retains the title of Positivity Director. Mark is a cornerstone for positive energy for company and client relations always seeking to improve positive momentum for stagnant environments. Fleas, sewer, ornery tenants, ugly dogs, bad vendors, and even angry Grandmas don't evoke even a flinch from Mark. Crushes any hurdles for field work operations.

Angie Smith

Digital and Field Expert Data Miner and Consultant

Angie Smith

Angie can be found asking questions, crunching the numbers, and listening and talking in equal measure (hopefully). These skills have led her through diverse fields and across the work spectrum, often in roles in which the relationships forged between people were crucial to the venture’s success. She delights in seeing the big picture whilst keeping an eye on the details and a myriad of moving parts. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas (a margarita is preferable) but she does like walking in the rain. She is a recovering perfectionist.

Gina Team Pic

Property and Home Data Aggregator, Chief Energy Maximizer

Gena Braunfels

Gena was voted strongest influencer in the County for days ending in Y. Gena joins us from the Logistics community where she was responsible for accounting and new business development and has over 20 years of experience with client relations. Motivated and hates sitting still. Has razor sharp attention to detail, and an outside the box approach to assessing situations. Does not take no for an answer and has more determination than Bethany Hamilton - Google it.

Serial chips and Salsa eater.