Testimonials from Sellers and Buyers

Due Diligence for Buyer

Jack Evans founded Cirrus Group, having invested in numerous private equity and real estate transactions across the US. 

Cirrus Group's real estate investment platform includes multi-family, apartments, self-storage, industrial, and manufactured housing communities.

Has contracted with DDP on communities in Colorado, Texas, and Iowa.

Jack Evans | Founder and Managing Director

Due Diligence for Buyer

Adam Freedman is with Post Investment Group. PREG owns and operates in excess of 10,000 apartment units along with investments in manufactured housing, RV parks, retail shopping centers, industrial warehouses and land held for development.

“They were thorough, insured that all bases were covered- the big ticket items to the most granular, the reconnaissance work on the homes and infrastructure and identifying necessary capital items was valuable... wasn't a clean cut deal... unique characteristics. Allowed us to evaluate this opportunity very effectively."

Adam Freedman | Director of Acquisitions

Due Diligence for Buyer

Dave Reynolds, is the 5th largest owner of mobile home parks in the U.S. with over 25,000 lots.  

“Steve has helped in many ways for the due diligence process on many acquisitions. Including collection and auditing of materials from acquisition through to closing. The materials received and the updates were greatly helpful.”

Dave Reynolds, 

MHC America

Dave Reynolds Mobile Home Park Testimonial

Due Diligence for Buyer

“DDP has become our due diligence partner for several states. There are several facets of DDP's off-site due diligence that are invaluable to our team including the agreements audit, P&L rebuild for second-opinion underwriting, and all of the city/code research. For the onsite due diligence, we especially value the pad make-ready details, drone interactive maps, and DDP’s overall flexibility. Every MHP is different, and DDP gives us the customization we want without losing any of the consistency we need."

Walker Meadows, 

Open Door Capital

Open Door Capital Testimonial

Due Diligence for Buyer

Adam Sobieski is a Real Estate Investor, referred to Due Diligence Partners by a DDP client.

“I was under contract with my first Mobile home park this year, frankly without Steve and his team I would have ended up bying what would have been a nightmare dissaster deal... I can't thank them enough for helping me get out of this deal.. If you are fledgling investor or a seasoned veteran investor in the mobile home park industry you need to use Steve and his team for sure."

Adam Sobieski | President

Due Diligence Talk with Ferd Niemann
Podcast Link
Ep. 94, Ferd Neimann interviews MHP Due Diligence Expert Steve Edel. Ferd is an MHC owner, attorney, and financial analyst whose career has focused on a myriad of areas of real estate. Regarding asking the city conformity questions: "You hit the nail on the head - how are they interpreting it? Because almost every first round answers comes back fuzzy. It’s like, guys, this is open records, answer all the questions we need you to answer until we get to those black and white answers."

Learn about Ferd Niemann 
MHP Owner/Operator/Investor | Attorney | CCIM | MBA | Podcaster

Lunch Pail Capital Testimonial

Due Diligence for Buyer

Justin Donald, The Lifestyle Investor© owns many Manufactured Housing Communities in the Midwest. 

"Everything ranging from lease collection to utility information and many other things... I had a very pleasant experience working with DDP and highly recommend them to anyone else that may be considering a Due Diligence Partner."

Justin Donald,

The Lifestyle Investor | Podcaster | Investor

Co-founder and CDO of Integrity First Maintenance

Due Diligence for Buyer

Lunch Pail Capital owns and operates Mobile Home Parks and B and C class multifamily apartments.

Craig Napoliello: “Happy to serve as a reference or share our positive experience with the whole team”. Kevin M: “These reports are sick”.

Real Estate Investment Firm

Lunch Pail Capital

Lunch Pail Capital Testimonial

Due Diligence for Buyer

Multistate Portfolio Acquisition

"We hired Due Diligence Partners for a multistate portfolio acquisition with a short turnaround and were met with prompt engagement and a team onsite in a matter of days. By leveraging YouTube and Google sheets/docs, the partners shared narrated videos and reports near instantly while on site, which was a huge help given our time constraints. The research was thorough and organized intuitively saving us time during review. Steve and the team at Due Diligence partners are top-notch professionals! We plan on using them in the future."

Andrew S. Lanoie | Park Place Communities 
Four Peaks Partners

Due Diligence for Buyer

Park owner Tim Nikolaev owns Manufactured Housing Communities in the Midwest.

“Working off of a shared version of the Due Diligence report was extremely helpful. My name is Tim Nikolaev, we own parks and are adding more to our portfolio. The specialty (supplemental) reports are very useful. Thank you”

Tim Nikolaev

Chapter I Acquisitions

Due Diligence for Seller

Park owner JJ has owned Triangle Mobile Home Park in Lumberton, Texas for ages. The community has been managed by the family for generations. With a little apprehension at first to have Due Diligence Partners help with due diligence on the seller's end, the end result was successfully closing the transaction.

Having the partners work with JJ resulted in being able to effortlessly provide all materials the buyer requested. The Due Diligence Partners were fortunate to work with JJ on this project, a great park owner!

Former Owner of Triangle Mobile Home Park (Sold)

Due Diligence for Buyer

Due Diligence for Manufactured Housing Community in Illinois

"I hired Due Diligence Partners Team... it was a game changer, my life and my peace of mind, just to know that over the course of a month, the 100's of tasks that needed to get done to find out if the property was a good deal and to help reduce the purchase price. It is amazing that there are not other companies really out there doing what they are do at the level they are doing it... it's priceless."

Nickolas Najjar | Najjar Group

Due Diligence for Conferences

Sunstone Manufactured Housing Consultants Director Casey Thom is a National Broker and co-founded the TexCO event for community owners.

“We recently invited Steve to speak at TexCO.  It is very apparent that he is a true expert in the field of due diligence for MH communities.  His presentation was very comprehensive and covered important topics in major detail.  I would trust him with my DD assignment if I were buying a park.”

Casey Thom | Director, Houston Office

TexCO Community Owners Event

Expert Speaker Panels

Speaking on topics that include modern management practices, the future of acquisitions, how tech is changing the way we look at parks, and the top mistakes made when performing due diligence.

Manufactured Housing Conferences, Boot Camps and Training

For speaker engagements please contact Partners@DueDiligencePartners.com

Manufactured Housing Speaker

Due Diligence Questions Answered - TMHA Yearly Conference

Speaking at the Texas Manufactured Housing Association Conference about everything Due Diligence, from deal breakers to self guided Drones! This talk, shown here in its condensed version, is now a continuing education course (CE) for TMHA members.

If you are not a THMA member, join today! @ texasmha.com/about/join

Watch this video along with many other subject experts and panel discussions that are helping shape today's manufactured housing industry.

MHI 2019 - Due Diligence for a National Audience.

Speaking on DD at MHI with a twist. Covering A to Z, from 'How do I even start the process?' to 'Your Due Diligence information should include everything you need for a smooth property transition!' 

2019 National Congress & Expo | www.congressandexpo.com

MHI Speaker
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