Due Diligence for Manufactured Housing Communities

Welcome to the Due Diligence Partner's Tips & Training Center Library

Here you will find a few helpful videos that address some of the Deal Breakers that may KILL a Deal!


Deal Breakers First!

What are the basics to look out for, BEFORE performing the rest of due diligence?

  1. Initial Quality And Utility Operations
  2. Zoning and Compatibility Validation
  3. Inventory and Occupancy Accuracy
  4. Do Financials Match Property Performance?
  5. Any Liabilities Or Buyer Concerns?


Electrical Infrastructure (Electrocution lines)

How to audit electrical.

  1. Electrical can be a deal breaker! It is part of the infrastructure.
  2. Evaluate the overall condition of electrical for each home. 
  3. Does it look like there will be potential hazards and replacement costs?
  4. What is the amperage for each lot?
  5. Should a map be created of the different amperages?


Sewer Infrastructure (Poo Lines)

How to audit and what the #1 rookie mistake is when inspecting.

  1. What is the difference between different types of lines such as PVC, Concrete, Cast Iron, or other material?
  2. How do you know how to evaluate how bad the condition of the lines are?
  3. What does a root intrusion, separation, or belly look like?
  4. How do you request a camera inspection?


Crazy A$&! Stories (Cautionary tales)

Steve Edel shares some stories of what you could find when inspecting a property or park owned home!

  1. Keeping the home warm with the oven
  2. The absense of plumbing lines underneath the home
  3. Spaghetti wiring for electrical and rusty boxes in water
  4. Hidden holes in the floor with escape tunnel
  5. Walking in a Teeter Totter Home