Yes, we provide due diligence service for RV Parks

RV electric due diligence

The only twist is that some of our tasks are different. There are some differences when it comes to usability parameters (local code), management, and infrastructure. Many mobile home parks - aka manufactured communities, may have an RV section or RVs sprinkled in that are treated the same as mobile homes. IE - they have to be skirted, use the same lot rent agreements, and are not coming and going. For the classic RV park, there are some different tasks to accommodate the typical RV park operations.

For all of the details & cost...

Swing back to our home page or pricing page. Pricing is the same. For offsite DD, we only charge for occupied lots - same as for MHPs.

We have even seen park owned RVs! If a park owns any RVs, we treat them the same as a POH (park owned home) for exterior & interior tasks for onsite grading. The exception is vehicle information which is different than mobile home identifications. 

Due Diligence for RVs